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Alexa in a firestick

Alexa in a firestick is actually very useful

If you bought one of our firestick packages like Compusurf Smart then you already have Alexa at your beck and call as she comes preloaded. Other than mundane things like “what’s the weather tomorrow” and what’s the time in new york she has the power to do so much more.

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Go legal, stay safe

DAZN, the legal sports streaming service, allows two people to share one account, effectively if you share the bill with another its only 5 euros a month, add a Netflix account that can be shared with up to 5 people, and of course our own free to air tv service that cost nothing,

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F1 Coming to DAZN

Formula 1 has announced the formation of a new deal between Movistar+ and DAZN, which will see the sport broadcast on the DAZN F1 channel in Spain on a three-year-deal.

From March 1, customers of Movistar+ and DAZN will have access to the DAZN F1 channel, after the streaming service acquired rights to broadcast F1.

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Wireless internet is here to stay

2021 is a game changing year for WISPS

With advances in wireless technology and changes to  EU regulators rules due to follow in the summer of 2021,  the wireless world is about to make some massive leaps to prepare for things to come and secure wireless internet providers (WISPS) future in the industry.

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New ‘Private Address’ iPhone feature could severely impact the Wi-Fi industry, expert says

iOS 14 ‘Use Private Address’ Wi-Fi settings. Graphic courtesy Apple.

By Claus Hetting, Wi-Fi NOW CEO & Chairman

Later this year – probably some time in September – Apple will release iOS14 and included will be a new ‘Use Private [Wi-Fi] Address’ feature. The new functionality could have serious implications for parts of the Wi-Fi industry,

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Premier League steps up war on piracy to protect TV deals

Murad Ahmed, Sports Editor Finacial times

The Premier League has obtained “enhanced” powers to shut down pirate streaming services as the world’s most valuable football competition tackles a growing threat to its UK broadcasting deals worth £5bn.

English football’s top division told the Financial Times it had secured new High Court Orders,

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We are coping better than expected

A day in the life of the Compusurf Network

A lot of ISP’s around the world are saying they are struggling to keep up with demand as people use the Internet more and more during the lock down, this is not the case here, yes there has been a small increase in demand at peak times but no more than about 10 % and not consistently every day,

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Debunking the 5G conspiracy theory

5G is not spreading the virus

First of all what is 5G, 5G is the fifth generation of mobile phone technology, the main differences are the frequencies that will be used and the increased potential bandwidth.

The difference between 5G and previous generations of mobile services (4G, 3G) is that the latter use lower radio frequencies (in the 6 gigahertz range),

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Together even though we are apart

Keeping you connected

Compusurf are working hard every day behind the scenes to keep us all connected in these troublesome and sometimes lonely times. Our government here in Spain recognizes that the internet is an essential service in people lives at this time and have put certain measures in place to ensure Spain’s data networks remain fully functioning as it is the life blood of the country right now.

Read more › A cat among the pirates? is going viral on the internet at the moment, it is even getting mentions in the UK press, here is an article in the Sun newspaper . What is is it? is a free site to watch movies and TV shows like HD Cinema, Cat &

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Paying for services online

Customers who usually pay with cash in the shop can pay online at our online shop, using a card or a Paypal account. The shop can be found here . When you have selected your purchase and you go to the checkout, you will find only one payment option for Paypal,

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Compusurf trickle

One of the great things about Compusurf is the fact that you can suspend billing when you are away, Some people prefer to leave their internet running to keep their CCTV and alarms systems active. However there is no need to keep paying the full monthly fee just to keep your cameras and alarms going,

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Disney+ Launch in Spain 31.03.2020

The long awaited “Disney+” streaming service is finally coming to Spain. As from the 31st March 2020 you will be able to download the app and enjoy all of Disney’s great content including the star wars saga, marvel productions and more. Disney are offering the full service for just 5 euros a month.

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Pluto TV

Pluto TV Now Available on Compusurf UK and Compusurf Smart

Forget paying the pirates, get it legal, get it free

100% free , Movies Box sets Live TV and Sports from the USA and UK

Pluto TV really is free, 100% legal and doesn’t ask for your credit card or bank account information.

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Compusurf Smart

Compusurf Smart

Free British live tv, UK catch up services and Alexa smart assistant
(sorry no premium channels like sports or movies)

New for 2020 is our smart TV Package. you get all the following for a one of price of 120 euros inc iva for SD and 130 euros inc iva for the HD version.

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