Mobile Services

Compusurf are official distributors for two mobile phone networks and we can top up any Spanish network on our CSQ Terminal in our office on Camposol

In our office on Camposol you can do the following:
  • Purchase a new SIM
  • Top up any Spanish PAYG mobile phone
  • Replace a faulty SIM previously purchased here
  • Retrive PUK code from any SIM purchased here
  • Get advice


Hits Mobile are well established as a simple no thrills PAYG service, ideally suited for permanent residents who are light users and want a simple reliable PAYG plan, Hits uses the Vodafone network so coverage is excellent. you can either payg for everything or add a package for even more savings. eg: for €4,90 a month taken out of your prepayed credit you get 100 mins talk time+3GB data + 1000 mins talktime within Hits. You can start with a new number straight away or you can keep your existing number, this is called porting and the process normally takes around a week, sometimes less.


Lobster is ideally suited for people who are heavy users and people who move back and forth between the UK and Spain, like PAYG there is no contract but you prepay a fixed monthly amount with a credit or debit card. eg: for €12 a month you get unlimited talktime to any standard fixed line or mobile in Spain and the UK plus a few more countries + 2GB of Data at 4G speeds+ Unlimited sms texts . The big advantage of Lobster is the plan is valid wether you are in the UK or Spain so no roaming costs whatsoever and no swapping out of SIM cards as you travel around the counties included in the plan. You can start with a new number straight away or you can keep your existing number, this is called porting and the process normally takes around a week, sometimes less.

If you are interested in either product simply pop in the office with your phone, we will sign you up and give you your new SIM straight away, remember to bring your NIE or passport with you and if you are going for the Lobster option also bring a Credit or Debit card.

Keeping your mobile number (porting)

It is your right, providing you adhere to any contractual obligations, to keep your Spanish mobile number regardless of which mobile network you move to within Spain . This is called porting your number and needs to be requested at the time of signing up with a new provider. When requesting portability with the new network the process is slightly different from buying a new sim with a new number, you will be given your new SIM straight away but it will not work at this time. Your current SIM with your old provider will continue to work normally, within a few days you will recieve a text to tell you the date and time the porting will take place, at the time stated your old SIM will stop working and you need to swap out your old sim with your new SIM, service with the new network will now start with your original number. If for any reason your new provider is not able to port in your number you will be notified and your old SIM with your original provider will continue to operate normally. Porting is normally only refused if there is a mistake in the identification of the number owner or there is a financial or contractual issue with the original provider that needs to be addressed first. Once porting is complete your old SIM is useless and can be binned.

Be aware that once started, the porting process cannot be stopped, if you change your mind , you will have to wait for the number to port to the new provider then port it back to your original provider with a new SIM.