Talk Plan Prepay

Talkplan Prepay

A home landline on a prepay basis

This product is for people who want a phone line in the house for making the odd phone call but not the associated bills. It is what it says on the tin, a prepay landline thats works exactly like a prepay mobile phone but with far lower calling charges. The plan come in two flavours, the second being “Talkplan Prepay Plus.

With the basic prepay you cannot receive calls, only make them, however their are no fees other than topping up with credit.  There is no minimum use and credit has no shelf life. Calls  cost from  just 2.6 cents   per minute  for Zone A, billed per second with no setup fee.

Talkplan Prepay Plus, comes with a standard local inbound Telephone number however there is a monthly fixed fee of €5 plus iva.(€6.05) This fee is charged for as long as you want the inbound number even if you are away. With both plans you have access to our online billing portal to check calls, credit etc. Talkplan prepay Plus also comes with a free voicemail service with the ability to forward voicemails to your email service when you are away.