Monthly Archives: November 2018

Compusurf Christmas tree

It’s that time of year. Great fun seeing the kids from Leo’s decoration the tree. A great afternoon had by all.

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WordPress update warning

For those of you running a worpress site, just a reminder that sometime between now and the end of January a major update for wordpress is rolling out. WordPress 5. This is not your usual update, this is a total rewrite of the software introducing a new block editor mode called Gutenburg.

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It’s that time of year

Getting the tree up is always a great time as we start to feel the christmas spirit 🙂 As always the kids from Leo´s will be around to do the decoration

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We are here to stay

Its human nature for people to assume so much while knowing so little and believe anything they are told without checking the validity of what is said, an old saying , a little knowledge is a dangerous thing , comes to mind. Let me put the record straight, WE ARE HERE TO STAY! 

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Another Pirate TV business taken down

Original article posted in the Weekender Newspaper

A BRITISH-RUN pirate TV operation has been scuppered by the Guardia Civil, who have arrested three British men in the Formentera del Segura area.

Their ruse was rumbled after a Finca owner in Formentera noticed that a large aerial mast had appeared on part of his property,

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Rolling out to computer near you

Some of you have already noticed a difference in the performance of your Internet and have started to talk about it, so we thought we better come clean, we are now in the testing stage of some new technology we have been working on over the last few months, the tech changes  how IPTV is handled and overall speed will also be improved .

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