Together even though we are apart

Keeping you connected

Compusurf are working hard every day behind the scenes to keep us all connected in these troublesome and sometimes lonely times. Our government here in Spain recognizes that the internet is an essential service in people lives at this time and have put certain measures in place to ensure Spain’s data networks remain fully functioning as it is the life blood of the country right now.

The whole data infrastructure in Spain, from the backbone providers, mobile phone networks, everything right down to the final delivery by ISP’s, like ourselves, is fully operational and will remain so no matter how long the state of alarm continues, service engineers are allowed to make repairs where necessary and travel to where ever they are needed to maintain our connected world. Sources of replacement equipment are readily available and spare part supply chains are fully open. because of this we are able and will to continue to provide you with your service no matter how long the state of alarm continues.