Wireless internet is here to stay

2021 is a game changing year for WISPS

With advances in wireless technology and changes to  EU regulators rules due to follow in the summer of 2021,  the wireless world is about to make some massive leaps to prepare for things to come and secure wireless internet providers (WISPS) future in the industry.

WISPS  in the EU, like Compusurf,  will be able to deliver up to 1 Gigabit (1000 Megabits per second) to customers, which is even higher than most fiber to the home networks, at the fraction of the cost of laying cables, amazingly even higher speeds will be possible but not practical at this time as no domestic equipment can make use of anything more than 1Gbit.

Obviously this is all totally unnecessary and of no consequence for the average domestic user who still to this day rarely uses more than an average 10 to 20 megabits per second at most. The changes do mean, however, that from later this year people and organizations that actually do require higher bandwidth now, like business’s and home workers that are out of reach of fiber will be able to get fiber like speeds wirelessly no matter where they are located.  More importantly it gives WISPs like Compusurf the ability to provide service in the future when bandwidth demand will be higher with the advent of the “internet of things”

Compusurf will of course be adopting the new technology, as quickly as possible, as we are just a bunch of geeks that like to have the latest thing to play with even before its actually needed, we already have an experimental connection in service delivering 100Mbps+ from an alternative emerging wireless technology that has already passed regulators’ approval, although available now, we are not rolling it out to everyone as a matter of course because the new 2021 tech is going to be better suited for mass deployment.

What does this mean for current fiber networks to the home?  Nothing really, other than they lose “high speed” as an advertising advantage, they will still be able to provide way more than people actually need and they will always be the preferred medium for densely populated areas like cities where tens of thousands of connections are required in as small area, also not every environment is suitable for a wireless network, Luckily all Compusurf’s service areas are perfect.

 I predict many emerging rural and semi rural domestic networks around the world will opt for the new technologies as the final delivery system, being so much cheaper and easier to deploy. One thing is for sure, Compusurf are going to be around for a lot longer than some thought or even hoped.