Totally free TV . Only from Compusurf

Compusurf TV is a totally free communal Satellite TV service exclusive to Compusurf internet customers. We connect you directly to one of our own sat dishes using our existing data network instead of a traditional co-ax cable, this is known as private direct injection distribution, similar to what you find in hotels. We do not intercept, modify or re-broadcast anything as clients are connected directly to a satellite dish.

Only free to air content is available, we do not pirate any subscription channels like sports.

All that is required at the customer end is a device to decode the signal and send it to your TV like a Sat box would normally do. This can be an android based Set top box (STB), android phone or tablet , Laptop or PC. STB’s and firesticks are the most popular as they plug directly into your main TV. If you have a firestick you can follow the tutorial here to set it up, if you have one of the other types of devices you need to install Kodi media player then check the kodi configuration videos here. If you don’t want to set it up yourself, make an appointment to bring your device to the office on Camposol and we will configure it for you for a small charge. Alternatively you can purchase one of our Smart TV devices that includes everything you need already set up and delivered to your property with a quick demo read about it here.

Price list for Configuration of customers own devices
Android based STB10
Activated Firestick10
Non Activated Firestick15
Do I need A TV Licence?

No. There are no TV Licencing requirements in Spain. You are only required to pay a yearly licence fee to receive public broadcast media within the UK territory.

Q: What channels do I get?

There are currently over 100 free to air TV and radio stations available, as listed at the bottom of the this page. We do not pirate any premium channels that require a subscription like SKY sports so these are not available. We have included some regional variations of the BBC and ITV channels, there are movie channels, Kids stuff, music and much more,  something for everybody. The radio line up also includes our local stations, Costa Calida and Total Star, we even added a couple of cams looking at the sky over Camposol so you can check the weather. A SKY like tv guide is provided for checking schedules. There are no HD channels but the quality is pure digital so not bad at all. If you want catch up services, check out our Catch up service here, there is however a small monthly charge of 3.63 for the catch up service if you want it.

Q: Can I get Sports like Premier matches and F1?

We don’t provide these services as they require a Subscription, However all the Sports like Football, F1 boxing etc are available here in Spain on the DAZN platform. DAZN is a 100% legal subscription service, at time of writing, from less than 10 euros a month and you only pay for the months you want. A lot of the sports are also shown on Spanish FTA Digital TV

Q: Do you have Movies and Box sets?

Only the movie channels that are free to air are provided like Film4 for example, No Premium channels that require a subscription are included as this would break international Copyright law. The same applies to box sets. Fully legal Movie and box set content providers like Netflix are available in Spain for a small monthly subscription.

Q: What software is used to decode the signal?

The software used at the client end is known as a PVR client. The Kodi media player or an off shoot of it called SPMC are the ones we use. No add ons are installed it is only using the PVR function already built in. Kodi or SPMC can be installed  on almost any android device running ver5 or higher or any windows based device, there is a version for imac but unfortunately there is no official option at this time for Apple ipad or iphone. If you fancy having a go at setting up your compatible device yourself there is a youtube tutorial here. 

Q: Whats the catch? nobody gives away free TV

No catch its a totally free service available to all Compusurf internet customers, your not correct about saying “nobody gives away free TV” the truth is nobody else gives away free TV.

Q: I want it, what do I do next?

The service is already active on your connection, nothing to sign, no contract and nothing to pay, you just need one of the devices mentioned above or pop in the office and purchase one of our Smart devices all set up and delivered to your home with a quick demo. If you decide to use your own device simply follow the tutorial here and off you go, if you have any difficulty setting up your device you can arrange an appointment to bring your device into the office and we will configure it for you for a small fee.

TV channels as of Feb 2023

Sky NewsBBC NewsCNN BBC1
5 USA5 USA+15 star5 star+1
5 SelectPBS AmericaTogetherReally
Forces TVSky ArtsHGTVHGTV+1
Sky ArtsCBS DramaCBS JusticeCBS Reality
CBS Real+1Film4Film4+1Great Movies
Great Mov+1Great RomanceGreat Romance+1Great Action
Great Act+1Great TVGreat TV+1HorrorXtra
HorrorXtra+1QVCQVC ExtraQVC Beauty
QVC StyleJewellery MakerPopCBBC
CITVTiny PopTrace HitsTrace Vault
Canal 24 (Spanish)Poplar TV MurciaGB NewsBloomberg
BBC3E4 extra5 actionReally
Reality XtralegendTalking picturesFoodxp
Gusto TVCourt TVCraft Xtracraft store
ideal XtraHigh st 1High st 2High st 3
High st 4Best DirectJml DirectTv warehouse
TJCCbeebiesBBC1 ScotVarious Music

Radio channels as of Feb 2023

BBC R scotBBC RGaelBBC R FoyleBBC RCymru
BBC RwalesBBC RWmidBBC RulsterBBC World
Talk RadioBBC R5 liveSiete Radio

Channel listings are subject to change without notice

Recommended Legal Online Services for Sports, Movies & More

Keep it legal, keep it alive. Watching pirated content is a criminal offence in Spain

Compusurf TV works on these devices:

  • Android based STB ver 5 up
  • Windows based STB
  • Amazon Firestick
  • Amazon Firebox
  • Android based Smart phone
  • windows based phone
  • Android Tablets
  • Windows Tablets
  • Windows Laptops
  • Windows PC’s
  • Linux PC’s
  • imac PC’s
  • Android based Smart TV’s

STB = Set Top Box

Sorry but no option for ipad, iphone or non android smart tv’s at this time