Monthly Archives: December 2018

Happy New Year 2019

Well it has been an eventful year for us with many changes and challenges, As a company we are as strong as ever and looking forward to a year of innovation. We finished 2018 with adding the UK Catch up service to our line up of value add ons. We have an investment program for 2019 that will bring further improvements to stablity and end user experience,

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Convert To Smart TV €39. Really

We keep banging on about all these great catch up apps etc like iplayer and ITV hub on a Smart TV, great if you have smart TV, well guess what, its easy and cheap to convert a non smart tv to have the same and more features as a Smart TV with all the apps you can imagine.

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Compusurf the best for Family TV

Catch up 

Compusurf UK -Catch up is a new service that does not use VPN’s so Netflix and BBC are not blocked any more. With this new service all those apps on your Smart TV that just sit there and do nothing but tease you, eg: ITVhub, iplayer, All4, My5 etc all suddenly burst into life and start bringing you all the content they offer including live TV.

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Carol Singing

On Friday the 14th Dec at 6pm, the choir from wellspring victory church of Mazarron will be singing carols at the Christmas tree outside our office. 

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WordPress 5 has landed

Today, thr 6th Dec 2018, WordPress 5 was released and probably already landed in your Dashboard demanding attention, This update is a major overhaul of the software powering over 30% of websites worldwide. My personal experience is good, in fact really good. However for the non prepared out there it could be a nightmare,

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Merry Christmas

The Christmas tree is looking very festive this year. People keep coming in the shop asking which charity it is all in aid of. This is not done in aid of any charity, we spend all year raising money for charities, this is a little something we like to give back each year.

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TVnow Only with compusurf

With the compusurf Catch up add on your NOWtv box or stick works just fine.

To sign up or switch from out old compusurf UK service go to

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iplayer returns to Compusurf

Now the BBC pretty much block all VPN’s our Compusurf uk vpn service no longer works for iplayer, others are also following suite. Don’t panic, Compusurf have come up with the solution, we call it Compusurf Catch up go to to sign up or switch from the old compusurf UK service

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Compusurf Catch up & Netflix

One of the problems with using our Compusurf UK VPN service is that Netflix does not work. With our new Catch up product that problem has gone, in fact it improves Netflix as you get the full USA content instead of the Spanish variation. Go to  to sign up or switch. 

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Quest TV live and on demand

You ask for it. We deliver it. Quest TV is now available on Compusurf when you subscribe to our new catch up TV service. As a bonus the full on demand content is also avaialable. 

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Compusurf Catch up

Introducing a brand new service exclusive to Compusurf customers. The Compusurf catch up add on enables all your favourite catch up TV services on your internet connection for use on almost any device including smart TV’s, PC’s, Pads and smart phones. The service also enables pay for services, providing you pay a subscription,

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