Telephone system

Compusurf phone system

a true PSTN alternative

The PSTN ie: Public Switched Telephone Network, is the industry name for the traditional home landline or fixed line, delivered to the end user via a pair of copper wires connected to the nearest Telephone Exchange. In the wireless world we have one problem, no copper wires to connect the phone to the exchange. The solution is VOIP, ie: voice over IP Protocol. You probably already use a type of VOIP with a thing called SKYPE, do not get confused though, the Compusurf system is a Tier 1 a class 5 carrier grade VOIP system, a totally different animal. In a nutshell, VOIP takes the voice signal from the Handset, using a device called an ATA, converts it into digital data and transmits it over a network to A VOIP switch, the VOIP version of a Telephone exchange. The switch can be anywhere in the world, using the Internet as the connecting medium instead of copper wires. The term Tier 1 means our end users connect directly to our own private switch which connects directly to the PSTN carriers. To save money budget WISP’s will simply resell lines from another system that is shared with many companies and has one or more hops before it gets to the PSTN carriers. PSTN carriers are the guys that connect our data version of the voice call back into the Public telephone network. There are different classes of carriers price vs quality, being tier 1 we choose our own carriers and only use class A Telco grade. Right through the system from the end user ATA to the PSTN carrier we choose the best as opposed to the cheapest.

Telephone line features:

  • Free Voicemail
  • Free Voicemail to email
  • Free Call Barring
  • Free Call Divert  ( Note: you may be charged for the diverted part of the call)
  • Free second line ( a two line trunk with the same number, use both lines independently)
  • Online control panel to manage your line, check calls etc
  • Line rental drops to Only 5 euros a month when you are away,  voicemail /  diverts remains active
  • Unlimited free calls to other compusurf lines
  • 1000 minutes of free calls to Zone A every month (excluding prepay service)

Q & A

Q: I have a telephone line with another provider, if  I move to Compusurf can I keep my number?

A: Yes we can port your fixed line number from any other Spanish Provider providing it is a standard number. We cannot port,  mobile numbers into fixed lines, Intelligent network numbers ie: 902 123 456, and non spanish numbers like vitual UK numbers. This service is totally free of charge and we handle all the paperwork.

Q:  How long does it take to port a number

A:  Up to two weeks but normally within 10 days

Q: Can I call the emergency 112 service through the Compusurf telephone system

A: Yes, we are fully 112 compliant, most Wireless based phone services are not

Q: Can I plug my House Alarm  into the telephone system

A: Yes you can, however we recommend you choose an alarm system that uses the GSM (mobile) network as our system will not function if there is a power cut

Q: Can I use a fax machine on the Compusurf system

A: Unfortunately not although you can receive FAX’s into your voicemail inbox and they will be emailed to you