Installing Uk catch up TV apps

This is a guide on how to install UK Catchup apps on your Android device when not in the UK.

Once you have subscribed to our UK catch up service, you can use all the catch up apps on smart devices, however, the problem is, if the apps are not pre-installed, the Google Playstore Geo Lock the UK catch up apps so you cannot install them when outside the UK, not even using a VPN, luckily there are workarounds for Android based devices, unfortunately Apple devices will not work with this tutorial. Below are a couple of the most common methods for getting around geo locked apps on an Android device.

Method 1 (preferred) : Install a third party App Market

The easiest method is to install an alternative App Market similar to the Playstore. The one I recommend is called “Aptoide”, you can get it by clicking here and following the instructions . Aptoide is a very popular alternative to the Playstore, one smartphone manufactuer even installs it as the default in favour of the the google playstore, Aptoide has a massive catalogue of Apps to install. The downside is a few ads, they pop up quite frequently but are easily clicked away, and in my opinion, a small price for a great source of safe software. All the TV apps are there without geographic restrictions, another great advantage of having Aptoide installed is when your TV apps need to be updated you get an option to use Aptoide, very useful as the playstore wont allow you to update if you are not in the correct region.

When first running geo locked apps you may be asked to allow the app to use your location, you must deny this option, the app will instead ask you for your UK postcode which you need to provide. The BBC app will also ask if you have a licence for your property in the UK with a simple yes or no option.

Method 2: Sideloading the apps

This process requires downloading the apps from a source other than the official Playstore, then manually installing them. A process sometimes referred to as “Sideloading”. An android App installation package is called an “Apk” or Apk file. Apk’s can be sourced from many places like APK Mirror or APK pure,

Disclaimer: Installing from unknown sources is risky and can corrupt your device or add malicious software . You do this at your own risk. 

  • Download the Apk file to your device
  • Make sure installing from “unknown sources” in enabled in your security settings
  • Install the file, method varies depending on the software and android version your device is running, In most cases simply locating the file with your file manager and opening it will invoke the installer. If your device says it is unable to open the file then you will need to download an APK installer or more powerful file manager than the one you have. You will get a warning about the dangers of installing from sources other than the playstore, bit scary but you have to accept it to proceed.
  • Job done, thats how to side load an Apk from a source other than the Playstore

Finally, all the TV catch up apps require you to have an account with the relevant content provider, no special tricks needed you just need to go to the relevant provider website like or, be sure to sign up with your your UK address.