Report a fault

If you are having any problems or just need help with something, fill out the form below and click “Submit”, an incidence (ticket) is raised and a unique case number is allocated, you will receive an email confirming the case number as soon as an operative is assigned to the incidence. Reports raised in this manner are treated as normal priority and dealt with during office hours.

Need urgent support?

Send an SMS text to +34 634 014 738  24 hrs a day

Any reports sent via SMS are treated as high priority and are allocated to an operative instantly, 24hrs a day 7 days a week.

If you have emailed compusurf support in the past you can check the history and status of your messages by clicking here (sms reports not included). after you have sent at least one email to support@compusurf.es a ticket account is automatically created. you can request your password here