Monthly Archives: October 2020

New ‘Private Address’ iPhone feature could severely impact the Wi-Fi industry, expert says

iOS 14 ‘Use Private Address’ Wi-Fi settings. Graphic courtesy Apple.

By Claus Hetting, Wi-Fi NOW CEO & Chairman

Later this year – probably some time in September – Apple will release iOS14 and included will be a new ‘Use Private [Wi-Fi] Address’ feature. The new functionality could have serious implications for parts of the Wi-Fi industry,

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Premier League steps up war on piracy to protect TV deals

Murad Ahmed, Sports Editor Finacial times

The Premier League has obtained “enhanced” powers to shut down pirate streaming services as the world’s most valuable football competition tackles a growing threat to its UK broadcasting deals worth £5bn.

English football’s top division told the Financial Times it had secured new High Court Orders,

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