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Compusurf is a Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP). Our business is providing last mile connectivity to the Internet and fixed line telephony to places where traditional telco’s are unable to operate or just too expensive. We achieve this by using wireless technology to transport our services to individual properties within the range of one of our many transmitters.The end result is a service as good as and often better than would be achievable by the standard copper wire systems employed by traditional providers. In 2018 fiber operators started to appear, not deterred we ploughed on and today we are stronger than ever. We provide telephony by using a carrier class voice over IP technology that is hosted and managed by ourselves, far superior to the standard VOIP technology normally used in this kind of network. Our Telephone service is unique in the fact that it is the first of its kind to offer a true alternative to the PSTN. With our system, unlike similar services provided by other WISP’s,you can call the 112 emergency service, you can receive Fax’s, transfer calls, barr calls and there is even a built in free voicemail service and email relay service

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About us

Compusurf is wholly owned, managed and operated by Group Compusurf Spain SLA, If you live in or near Mazarron on the Costa Calida You already know us well, Camposol Computers and Compucall are two of our very successful and trusted ventures. Working with major Internet providers and network specialists in Spain including names like Digital Mania, Neosky, Iberdrola and Ibercom has enabled Compusurf to provide much needed affordable, high quality and above all, reliable, communications solutions for the residents and businesses of our coverage areas. In Camposol, Mazarron for example, other remotely based operators tried to offer the best service they could under the restrictions of the available infrastructure, usually via an expensive, and often unreliable, long distance radio or satellite link to the nearest Internet operator We spent over 2 years working with top level fibre operators and network designers to overcome these restrictions by bringing infrastructure directly into the Camposol Area. Also, being based far away, remotely based operators were unable to offer a personal local service unlike Compusurf, whose offices are based right there on Camposol. The benefit of this effort is reflected in the price and level of service we are able to offer. We also are the first to offer a service guarantee. Our prices are based on a sound financial model that provides us with enough money to reinvest and continue to provide service long into the future keeping up with new advances in technology without passing the upgrade costs to the customer. Read more here

The Compusurf Promise

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We asked what you like and what you dislike about services provided by other operators. If any of our equipment fails we will not expect you to pay to replace it. When we upgrade we will not expect you to pay for it, when we reduce our prices we reduce everybody’s prices. We will never give new business a better deal than our existing customers. If for any reason you are not getting service then we do not expect you to pay. We do not ask for huge installation fees or complex deposit plans, we do not require you to sign a contract, just a simple agreement that you can terminate at any time. We want our customers to stay because they want to not because they have to. No hidden terms or conditions ever apply

Co-Directors  Chris Jennings  and Julie Townsend