How does Compusurf TV work

Compusurf TV is a private communal sat system, it is not IPTV or a re broadcasting system. We connect your receiver to one of our sat dishes that picks up the signals, this is then connected directly into our data network using sat>ip technology, the only difference to a normal sat system is the co-ax cable is replaced with our data network and limited to a private network, Its known in the trade as “private direct injection distribution”, this is important, if we were to intercept the broadcasts and modify them in any way, or make them available to the general public we would be technically breaking copyright laws, even though the broadcasts are free to air, it is the same type of system found in hotels.

free to air

Because the signal is uplinked from a country outside of Spain and is operated by a foreign entity Spain has no jurisdiction over it. As an added bonus, as the transmissions are unencrypted and free to air, nor do the UK.

UK TV licencing has nothing to do with the actual TV broadcasts, it is a licence to receive TV and radio broadcasts within UK territory. In Spain there is no TV licence requirements.

As far as Premium subscription channels like sky sports are concerned, to offer these channels we would have to intercept and modify the transmissions to unencrypt them. Unfortunately there is no legal way to do this, although others are happy to take the risk, the penalties for doing so are very severe so we do not and never will.