Before you call

Before you contact support

More often than not, if your service is not working, its something simple and you can easily fix it yourself. Before contacting support its worth  following the checklist below.

  1. Unplug any wifi routers from the power
  2. If you have a phone line with us, unplug the ATA from the
  3. Unplug the roof antenna POE from the power. (see below)
  4. Check all network cables are firmly in place in each device
  5. Power off the device you are trying to access the internet on
  6. Plug all devices back into power and power on your device
  7. Once all rebooted, make sure your connected to your wifi and try again
  8. If you cannot connect to the WiFi router click here
  9. If you think you have a speed issue please click here

The roof antenna POE is normally located close to where you router is. It will look like one of the images shown.

Type of roof antenna we use

If asked to reboot your wifi router, never press the reset button. To reboot you simply unplug the device from the power by removing the power cord for 30 secs and plugging it back in again

Contacting support

Depending on the urgency of your report or request there are different methods of contacting support. You can of course pop in the office and one of the staff will pass your message to support but it is not as efficient as contacting support yourself. Clicking on the relevant pic will action the required option. For switch on / off requests the best method is to use the form here.


If you need urgent assistant please use the sms option, this goes straight to the duty technician 24/7


For general inquiries that do not need an urgent response use email. responded to during office hours only.


Raise a Ticket direct with support. Same as using the email method but do it right here on the website

What is a POE?

When we installed your service, an antenna was fitted to the outside of the building, this device requires a small amount of power. The POE is the device that injects power into the cable going to the roof, Type A also has a small power adapter that plugs into it. Type B plugs directly into the mains with a cable

POE Type A

POE Type B

What is an ATA

ATA stands for Analogue Telephone Adapter, this device, sometimes called a modem, separates the digital telephone line signal from the internet and converts it to a standard analogue  fixed  telephone line.

ATA, Speedtouch type

ATA Linksys type