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IPTV Takedown

Last Thursday crime-fighting agencies Europol and Eurojust targeted operations in France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Greece and Bulgaria as they raided a network of TV Pirates, seizing equipment and shutting down services that were being streamed to tens of millions of people. The services in question are things like Sky Sports and Movie services,

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Los Alcazares Disaster Appeal

Local Camposol resident Tracey Rowley Smith, recently appealed to the community for help after the floods at Los Alcazares, A number of collection points were organised throughout the region including our office, The appeal was put out on social media. What happened next was amazing, Faith in humanity totally restored.

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Curiosity Stream USA now available on Compusurf UK service

What is Curiosity Stream

Remember when you could turn on Discovery, The Learning Channel, or the History Channel and actually learn something? Those days are long gone. The documentary TV networks of old have heavily invested in cookie cutter reality and entertainment-based programming. However, there is a documentary online streaming service that will satiate those with a hunger for knowledge.

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BBC may increase catch-up to 12 months

the BBC can go ahead with planned changes to the BBC iPlayer.

As previously reported in Broadband TV News, the BBC wants to move the iPlayer from a 30-day catch up service, to one where programmes are available for 12 months as standard,

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Sony Crackle available on Compusurf UK Totally free

Sony Crackle regularly has around 150 free, full-length movies that you watch any time you want. New movies are constantly being added and retired from Sony Crackle, so you’ll always find something new to watch.

Movies at Sony Crackle are organized into genres to help you find thrillers, 

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Goodbye Julie Fay

It is always sad when one of out team moves on to venture new, Non more so than Julie Fay who has been with us for eight years. Julie will be sincerly missed by all of us and our customers. We all wish her good times ahead in her new chapter of life.

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No words can express our sadness

An eerie silence filled the offices of Compusurf on hearing the sad news that young mother of two, Danielle, had tragically lost her fight against the evil cancer that so unfairly took hold of her.

Rest in peace Danielle, we shall forever remember you.

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UK catch up apps on LG smart TV

If you subscribe to Compusurfs UK service, you can watch all the UK catch up services and the best way to do this is using the apps built in to a Smart TV, however, if you purchased your LG Smart TV here in Spain it is very likely there are no UK apps available.

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BBC and ITV to share FA Cup rights

The BBC and ITV have agreed to share the rights to the FA Cup from 2021.

The four-year deal means an end to the current arrangement that has seen the BBC share the rights to the cup competition with BT Sport.

ITV will broadcast around 20 matches per season from the first round through to the final,

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Keeping your mobile number (porting)

It is your right, providing you adhere to any contractual obligations, to keep your Spanish mobile number regardless of which mobile network you move to within Spain . This is called porting your number and needs to be requested at the time of signing up with a new provider. When requesting portability with the new network the process is slightly different from buying a new sim with a new number,

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New warning for Kodi users hits news, Compusurf TV users need not worry

A stark new warning to users of the popular Kodi media player and is variants has been released by the developers of KODI, They explain how 3rd party add ons that are often used to steal TV streams without paying the content owner, are a real danger for reasons other than breaking the law and urge extreme caution until KODI revamps its add on structure.

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Keep your cool this summer

As the summer approaches it’s important to keep your wifi router from overheating, too much heat and it will slow down and require rebooting more often.

Below are a few tips to remember.

  • Do not place the router in direct sunlight
  • Do not place routers on top of each other
  • Clean any dust from vents
  • Do not block any vents in the casing
  • Do not place objects on top of the router
  • Add a spacer under the router to increase airflow

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DDoS attack what is it?

As some of our users are aware our telephone exchange was recently a victim of a DDoS attack. DDoS stands for “Distributed Denial Of Service”. In a nutshell data is sent to a target from thousands of sources at the same time, consuming all the targets resources, rendering it inaccessble to other users.

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Got a Huawei phone? don’t panic.

Google  said today that existing users of Huawei Android  devices can continue to use Google Play app store, offering some relief to tens of millions of users worldwide even as it remains unclear if the Chinese tech giant will be able to use the fully-functioning version of Android in its future phones.

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Compusurf TV gets subtitles

Subtitles are now available for compusurf TV channels.

To activate, tune into a channel then using your remote, press the “ok” button, an info bar will pop up at the bottom of the screen, using the up down left & right buttons, move the focus to the icon that looks like a small square speech bubble,

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