UK catch up apps on LG smart TV

If you subscribe to Compusurfs UK service, you can watch all the UK catch up services and the best way to do this is using the apps built in to a Smart TV, however, if you purchased your LG Smart TV here in Spain it is very likely there are no UK apps available. Luckily this is easy to rectify.

The problem is the LG services region has been set to Spain, To change this to the UK follow theses easy steps

1) Press the settings button on the remote to access the All Settings page.
2) Click on General and select Location
3) Now click LG Service Country
4) Uncheck the option “Set Automatically” and select United Kingdom
5) Once selected, click Yes to confirm changes.
6) Continue with the reboot and agree to the User Agreement to proceed with the change

Once you have rebooted the TV all the UK apps will either automatically appear or be available to download from the content center

Note: If you use your TV to watch Spanish terrestial TV then this may not be an option for you as the TV might not pick up all the Spanish Transmissions any more. In this scenario use an android tv box or similar to use the UK catch up services.