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Pirate IPTV

The Compusurf policy regarding customers who are using Pirate IPTV systems

updated 5.012.2021

Definition of Pirate IPTV

For the purposes of this document, the definition of “Pirate IPTV systems” is, any TV service or app, on any device, like a smart phone , an Android TV Box or other media device,

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How does Compusurf TV work

Compusurf TV is a private communal sat system, it is not IPTV or a re broadcasting system. We connect your receiver to one of our sat dishes that picks up the signals, this is then connected directly into our data network using satip technology, the only difference to a normal sat system is the co-ax cable is replaced with our data network and limited to a private network,

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Pirate IPTV app Mobdro taken down

One of the best-known applications for watching TV on an Android mobile has closed its development: Mobdro disappears from the web, leaving number 2.2.8 as the latest version of the app. This app no ​​longer works because any access to the streams has been removed: On Mobdro there are legal proceedings for infringement of protected content.

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Trust your ISP professionals

Trust your ISP professionals

Speed test with nperf? I was told to use Ookla by my TV guy.

There are many speed testing apps and websites like Ookla,, speakeasy, Fast etc, different apps are suited to different end user scenarios, You should ask your internet provider which testing app is recommended by them.

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Passwords the ultimate guide

Passwords do and don’ts

Now we are forced to use online services more than ever, security is a big concern. The number one way in which peoples online shopping banking and social accounts get compromised is poor password management. This guide is written by our own IT professionals in an effort to help you beef up your online security.

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Alexa in a firestick

Alexa in a firestick is actually very useful

If you bought one of our firestick packages like Compusurf Smart then you already have Alexa at your beck and call as she comes preloaded. Other than mundane things like “what’s the weather tomorrow” and what’s the time in new york she has the power to do so much more.

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Go legal, stay safe

DAZN, the legal sports streaming service, allows two people to share one account, effectively if you share the bill with another its only 5 euros a month, add a Netflix account that can be shared with up to 5 people, and of course our own free to air tv service that cost nothing,

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F1 Coming to DAZN

Formula 1 has announced the formation of a new deal between Movistar+ and DAZN, which will see the sport broadcast on the DAZN F1 channel in Spain on a three-year-deal.

From March 1, customers of Movistar+ and DAZN will have access to the DAZN F1 channel, after the streaming service acquired rights to broadcast F1.

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Wireless internet is here to stay

2021 is a game changing year for WISPS

With advances in wireless technology and changes to  EU regulators rules due to follow in the summer of 2021,  the wireless world is about to make some massive leaps to prepare for things to come and secure wireless internet providers (WISPS) future in the industry.

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