Trust your ISP professionals

Trust your ISP professionals

Speed test with nperf? I was told to use Ookla by my TV guy.

There are many speed testing apps and websites like Ookla,, speakeasy, Fast etc, different apps are suited to different end user scenarios, You should ask your internet provider which testing app is recommended by them. We recommend nperf and Analiti because their testing algorithm is tuned to our network design, it gives a near true reading of what we actually see going through a line when the test is performed, other apps may perform with less consistency, The “Ookla” speedtest, for example, is not capable of pushing more than around 80% of the potential speed on our network, this is because the method we use to manage the bandwidth and the wireless apsects of our final delivery do not play well with ookla’s testing alogarithm, where as nperf and analiti systems are well matched, vice versa, nperf may give poor readings on some other types of networks. By using nperf we know the reading you give us is as accurate as possible and will tell us the information we need. You may think we are making this up and in some way nperf is loaded in our favor, but this is not the case, you can test this out yourself by trying a few apps that are not good on our type of network like Speakeasy or Fast

Many sellers of pirate IPTV systems notoriously blame the internet if there are any problems without actually doing any testing at the customers location, The famous words “its your Internet” are very often just not true. For most pirated IPTV you will need at least 4MB download speed, HD will require up to 10MB, Legal services all work on 3 MB or less and will quote the required bandwidth in their advertising.

Sellers will often ask you to use a particular speedtest, only because they know about it and not for any technical reason, remember most of these sellers are not in any way I.T or network professionals and do not understand how different systems operate. for example, IPTV devices should never be connected via wifi, this rarely works well.

Another thing that many of these sellers do not understand is that the speed available at the IPTV device may be a lot lower than the ISP provides, this is not because there is anything wrong with the internet supply, as they often conclude without any further investigation, many factors can cause this, from bad cables, ip addressing issues to bad routers. if the speed tested with another device like a phone is good but the IPTV system is still performing bad then they should be testing further for a proper diagnosis, suspect any diagnosis without any proper testing, chances are they would not know how to anyway. If they ask you to install or run a speedtest app called “Fast” on an android box then they definitely know nothing about the technical side of what they are selling and any diagnosis should be taken with a pinch of salt

Trust your ISP professionals, they are properly trained knowledgeable experts in their field, providing and operating internet services to peoples homes is not something you can learn on a flight to Spain. the majority of pirate IPTV sellers are just people reselling something they get from an anonymous source or another reseller further up the chain, they have no idea where the money is going once they pass on their fees. the actual technical expertise and operators of the service are hidden well away never to be contacted for fear of prosecution. If they tell you different they are either lying or misled by the person they answer to.