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More TV Pirates Jailed in Spain

Original Article from the Register

A taskforce led by Spanish cops has dealt TV piracy a heavy blow after shuttering a network of illegal sports streaming sites operating across Spain, the UK, Denmark, Latvia, the Netherlands and Cyprus.

Police arrested five suspects and identified 11 ramshackle data centres that were used to provide access to more than 800 channels – in the largest operation of its kind in Europe.

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Happy labour day 1st May

Labor Day in Spain

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Labor Day in Spain, known there as Día del Trabajador or Primero de Mayo, was first celebrated on May 1, 1889.[1] The way in which Spaniards celebrate Primero de Mayo has varied greatly since then,

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LOBSTER. The ultimate mobile deal for UK & EU expats living in Spain. Available now at Compusurf

One payment gets you a month of service. You can then keep going, add more data, leave or even ‘park your number’ for a while.

Spain’s only ‘all-in-English’ mobile service. SIM-only, 4G and super-easy to use.

From just €12 a month, you get a great data 

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Informir to send update to Mag 2** boxes to start blocking Pirate IPTV

Infomir, the manufacturer of the popular MAG range of set-top boxes, says it will block the portals of suspected copyright-infringing IPTV providers following complaints from copyright holders. While MAG devices are used to access plenty of legal services, the news will come as a blow to large numbers of customers who use the very capable devices to access unauthorized platforms.

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Why we have internet outages

Some people
question why they seem to have more internet outages on Camposol than
they are used to in other places they have lived or worked regardless
of wether they are on a fibre, ADSL or a wireless provider. I am
going to try to explain as simply as possible why this is.

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Kodi Update & Compusurf TV

Last night the developers of KODI rolled out a major update, updating the software to version 18, also known as “Leia”. Unfortunately the update may break the configuration for Compusurf TV on some devices. We normally use a version of KODI called SPMC,…Read more ›

BBC Sport Now Available

With the Compusurf Uk catch up service, BBC Sport is fully unlocked, great source for latest news and highlights in the world of Football.

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Burns Night 2019

Compusurf were pleased to be the main sponsors for the annual Burns night at Camposol Golf Club. The event is organised by the local Freemasons from the Lodge Sierra Espuna No. 136. Everyone enjoyed a fantastic evening and managed to raise over 900 euros for Masonic charities. Bro Michael Watson,

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Danielle Fundraiser

Today Thursday 10th of Jan is the big day. The fun starts at 4pm in the Bar Salud. Massive raffle with amazing prizes. Music , food, a charity auction and much more don,t miss it

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Keep your Antenna on

We have accidently stumbled upon an extra security feature. If you have Compusurf internet, you will notice your roof antenna has quite bright lights on it that flicker. It is possible thieves could use this as an indication as to wether the property is occupied. We have made it so that these lights continue to flicker even when you have asked us to switch your service off because you are going away for some period.

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STV Now available on Catch up

Great news for all you Scots out there, using the new compusurf Catch up service, STV player is now working. Available either your browser here or download the Android APP.

If you dont have the app already loaded on your device you wont be able to use the playstore to download it as we are not in the correct region.

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Firestick without WiFi

The Amazon Firestick is a great device, however it has one big disadvantage over Android TV Boxes, It connects to the internet via WiFi. As we are all becoming aware, WiFi in the home is getting worse and worse as the frequencies used are getting more and more congested, this is not much of an issue for normal Internet use but plays havoc with streaming TV.

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