Compusurf Catch up

Introducing a brand new service exclusive to Compusurf customers. The Compusurf catch up add on enables all your favourite catch up TV services on your internet connection for use on almost any device including smart TV’s, PC’s, Pads and smart phones. The service also enables pay for services, providing you pay a subscription, for SKY GO, UKTV NOW and many others. Unlike our Compusurf UK VPN service this is purely for catch up TV services and in most cases works better than using a VPN.

If you currently subscribe to our Compusurf UK VPN service and the only reason you use it is to watch Catch up TV then you probably want to switch to this service instead

If you are interested then send an email to  The cost is the same as compusurf UK ie 3.60 euros to activate and then 3.60 euros per month. If you are swapping from Compusurf UK to Compusurf Catch up there is no activation fee.

Please note,  services that require a subscription like SKY go, Netflix, UK TV Now etc still require you to pay the normal subscription charges for these services this is not a way to get thoses services for free.