We are here to stay

Its human nature for people to assume so much while knowing so little and believe anything they are told without checking the validity of what is said, an old saying , a little knowledge is a dangerous thing , comes to mind. Let me put the record straight, WE ARE HERE TO STAY!  We are investing more than ever, our customer base is bigger than ever and still growing,  We have no intention of going anywhere. Desperate measures by other operators to get customers to sign up by starting rumors about the competition is at an all time high. The fiber providers that have sprung up on Camposol have not affected us in the least and are of no concern to us, we know the direction we are going and we will be providing our services long after others have come and gone as history has proved in the past.  Please, if you hear any rumor about us that concerns you, ignore it and come and see us. We know where the rumors are coming from and need to stamp this underhand tactic out.

Some example rumors

“All wireless internet is going to be banned, everything needs to be cabled””

“Compusurf are losing so many customers they will be shutting down soon”

“Compusurf are spending money on cars not investing in camposol anymore (True)””

“Compusurf is up for sale”

I would suggest that if a sales person uses this tactic on you to get a contract then they are not a very honest company and you should be very wary.