To serve you better

Trying to serve you better.

Its no secret in the industry that our support service is the best their is, however we still want to make it even better. We will release a series of tips on how to make our support work even better for you.

Todays TOP TIP..

Reporting a fault by coming into the office is not the most efficient method, although you are welcome to do so of course, Reason being , The person in the office that takes your report has to then report to the support department, often the support department need more info or need the customer to do something, this means the support dep’t then need to ask the sales person to contact the customer for the response and so forth, this can often lead to a long winded to and fro scenario and information can get lost or a phone call forgotten.
There is a better way, contact the support dep’t directly using one of our support methods explained below, by doing this you will get a much faster response and greatly reduce the possibility of being forgotten about through human error.

If a report is submitted via an official method it goes into our automated ticketing system which keeps records for us and yourselves. A ticket, as we call it, is a report or request instance, All tickets have unique numbers that can be followed by any member of staff.

Reporting an urgent issue.
In the first instance send a plain text SMS text message to our SMS server on 634 014 738. This is automatically forwarded to the duty technician who will respond directly to you as required. The technician may want more info from you and ask if you have an app called “Whatsapp” this is so the engineer can have a long conversation and send / receive pictures for guidance with no costs involved, It is not recommended that your initial report is done via Whatsapp as it is not monitored like SMS. Their is a duty technician available for urgent matters 24/7

For non urgent issues there are a number of options,
our online ticketing system ,
sending an email to and whatsapp on 634 014 738, please reserve the SMS text method for urgent issues if you can.

Hope this helps, let us know your though