Compusurf UK

Compusurf UK

A UK internet connection here in Spain

With the demise of some of the Popular free VPN services many customers have asked us about similar offerings.  Well we have thought of something better, How about having the option for a UK connected internet service right here in Spain. No need to install or configure VPN’s or load any software, it is automatically built in to your internet connection. Everything works exactly the same however your  location is detected as being in the UK rather than in Spain. There are many advantages to this, not least the added privacy and security gained from hiding your actual location.


Q: How much does it cost?

The cost of this service is an extra 3 euros + iva per month with a one off activation charged of 3 euros plus iva at time of connection

Q: Is it legal

A: The service is 100% legal, The use of this technology has been used for years by major corporations and individuals to increase security and connect remote locations together.  We are simply adding this service at ISP level for convenience.

Q: Will I still be able to use Facebook etc.

A: Nothing will change, all your Favourite sites will work just as before including things like internet banking and email.  The Only difference is your detected location in the world will be in the UK instead of Spain

Q: Can I use it to watch UK TV?

A: Having a UK public IP would mean that a lot of sites geographically locked to the UK would be accessible. Be aware though that services like the BBC iplayer and Netflix block VPN connections. If your reason for using this would to access UK TV sites then use the Compusurf Catch up add on instead. 

Q: Will it slow my internet connection down?

A: yes a little. VPN’s involve a thing called encryption which does add a small overhead and all your traffic will come from the UK rather than locally

Q: Is anything blocked

A: No,  we do not restrict anything, however please be aware that it will not  protect you from the authorities if you are thinking of indulging in anything illegal like Spamming or downloading Copyrighted material without the owners consent. Our terms and condtions on this subject still apply. Please be aware the UK is much more strict on these things than Spain. Also be aware that a few UK sites Block VPN’s for various legal and copyright reasons, there is nothing we can do about this.

Q.What if I change my Mind?

A: you will able to swap from UK to Spain connections when you wish but only by the month.

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