Compusurf TV

Totally free TV . Only from Compusurf

Q: What is Compusurf TV

Compusurf TV is totally free communal Satellite TV service exclusive to Compusurf internet customers. We share the feed from our sat dishes over our existing network. All that is required at the customer end is a device to receive the signal. This can be an android based Set top box (STB), android phone or tablet , Laptop or PC. STB’s are the most popular as they plug directly into your main TV. Compusurf will configure any compatible device free of charge in our office on Camposol.

Do I need A TV Licence?

No. There are no TV Licencing requirements in Spain. In the UK you are required to pay a yearly licence fee to recieve any public broadcast media

Q: What channels do I get?

There are currently over 115 free to air TV and radio stations available. Unfortunately we cannot allow any premium channels that require a subscription like SKY sports for example. We have included many regional variations of the BBC and ITV channels, there are movie channels, Kids stuff, music and much more,  something for everybody. The radio line up also includes our local stations, costa calida and star. There is also a SKY like tv guide. At this time there are no HD channels but the quality is pure digital so not bad at all.

Q: What software do I need

The software used at the client end is the Kodi media player or an off shoot of it called SPMC. No add ons are installed it is only using the basic live TV function already built in. Kodi can be installed  on almost any android device running ver5 or higher or any windows based device, there is a version for imac but unfortunately there is no option at this time for Ipad or iPhone. If you fancy having a go yourself there is a youtube tutorial here. 

Q: Whats the catch? nobody gives away free TV

No catch its a totally free service available to all Compusurf internet customers, your not correct about saying “nobody gives away free TV” the truth is nobody else gives away free TV

Q: I want it, what do I do next?

The service is already active on your connection, nothing to sign, no contract and nothing to pay, you just need one of the devices mentioned above, follow one of the tutorials below and off you go, if you have any difficulty setting up your device you can arrange an appointment to bring your device into the office and we will configure it for you totally free.

Preferred app for TV Boxes
For All android devices, firesticks and PC’s

TV channels as of Sept 2019

BBC NewsSky NewsBBC1BBC2
E4+14 SevenCh5Ch5+1
5 USA5 USA+15 star5 star+1
5 spike5 spike+15SelectBBC1 NI
Film4film4+1Sony ChannelSony Ch+1
Sony Crime Sony Cri+1 Sony moviesSony mov+1
Sony XmasSony Xmas+1Sony ActionSony act+1
Horror ChHorror Ch+1PickPick+1
Together BBC ScotlandBBC1 WalesCBS drama
CBS RealityCBS Real+1CBS JusticeXmas Starz
TJCThaneCraft ExtraIdeal Extra
Poppop+1Pop MaxPop Max+1
Tiny popCITVCBBCCbeebies
Now 80sITV BorderBBC1 ScotlandBBC1 NI
BBC1 regions

Radio channels as of Sept 2019

BBC R6C CalidaStar MedTalksport
BBC RScotBBC RWalesCymruCymru2
BBC RGaelBBC RFoyleCapitalHeart UK
LBC UKLBC LonTalk RadioRadio Suff
Abs’ 80sSmooth UKRadio Sie7eBBCR1X

Channel listings are subject to change without notice

Compusurf TV works on these devices:

  • Android based STB ver 5 up
  • Windows based STB
  • Amazon Firestick
  • Amazon Firebox
  • Android based Smart phone
  • windows based phone
  • Android Tablets
  • Windows Tablets
  • Windows Laptops
  • Windows PC’s
  • Linux PC’s
  • imac PC’s
  • Android based Smart TV’s

STB = Set Top Box

Sorry but no option for ipad, iphone or non android smart tv’s at this time