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A fixed line internet connection on a prepay basis

Hotspot has been developed for occasional users who do not want permanent charges.   Unlike other Hotspot services, the Compusurf  version is not simply a WiFi service you can lock on to, It is a proper fixed internet connection into the property. The final connection is Ethernet so you can plug in routers, PC’s, smart TV’s etc as you would a normal fixed Internet connection, the only difference being, Similar to the WiFi counterparts,  you have to Prepay for time.

There are two ways to purchase time,  The easiest is to use our online shop here, this is very convenient as you can prepay before you need the service,  the time has no “use by” date and does not start ticking down until you first access the Internet  through the Hotspot.  You can also pay in our office. 


There is a one off installation fee of 99 euros + iva. The only other costs are for usage, there are no activate / deactivate fee’s or other hidden charges and during paid time there are no data limits. There are two flavours, surf which has a max bandwidth of 6MB and Stream which has in excess of 10MB bandwidth. The usage fee´s start from just 2 euros for one day (24hrs).  You can buy time in days, weeks or months and you can prepay for your time in the shop here

per dayper weekper month

All prices include iva

How it works

When you sign up for the service you are given a user name and password, this always stays the same. On your first attempt at accessing the Internet you will be redirected to our Hotspot Login Screen, see example below.

After you enter your credentials into the boxes and click “login” your internet is activated for as long as you have time left. Please be aware that once the clock is ticking it can not be stopped so avoid buying more than you know you are going to use.  You can always add more at any time later.  When the time runs out you are returned to the Hotspot login screen as above.