Compusurf Gaurdian

Guardian is an affordable smart home monitoring system put together from various sources by Compusurf in collaboration with the USA’s very popular ismartalarm security system. When the system is armed, the moment any sensor or camera is tripped, you will automatically be alerted on your phone as well as whoever you select to watch your system for you when you are not around, this is your guardian, your chosen guardian of your system can call you, to check it’s not a false alarm and even call the Police if you are not contactable, this allows you increased peace of mind that in the event of an intrusion into your property, even when you do not have your phone to hand or have access to the internet, your property is still being watched. After consulting with the relevant groups it has been agreed that, after calling the police, a post can made on the Camposol security group Facebook page by yourself or your guardian identifying the locality of the crime in progress, without giving away exact address details, your neighborhood will be made aware via social media that thieves are operating and can take the necessary precautions to protect their own properties and report any sightings of suspicious activity to the police. This vastly improves the chances of the thieves being spotted, even identified and improves the likelihood of their capture by the Police. Having a guardian is far more effective than simply knowing you’re being burgled when you are a thousand miles away or simply off the radar for whatever reason. If you are a Compusurf customer living on Camposol we will soon have an exclusive totally free option in respect of your chosen guardian. Details available on request. Camposol security groups are pleased to be associated with this crime prevention initiative by Compusurf. This pro-active action should help us achieve our aim to make Camposol a safer place to life and work

A reliable, intuitive security system that gives you all the flexibility and features of high-priced systems but with a low one-time purchase price. The iSmartAlarm basic package includes everything you need to keep your belongings and loved ones safe.

CubeOne Control Hub

The CubeOne™ connects all iSmartAlarm devices, sensors, and cameras to allow you to create the perfect custom DIY smart home security solution. The CubeOne™ allows communication between your devices and the free iSmartAlarm app, ensuring you are able to see the system’s status at any time.  You will receive immediate SMS text, email, automated phone call, and push notifications if something is amiss, and the built-in 110 dB siren will be triggered in case of intrusion. 
The CubeOne™ is the brain of your home security system from iSmartAlarm. iSmartAlarm is a self-monitored, self-controlled home security system with no monthly fees and no contracts. The free iPhone and Android iSmartAlarm apps allow users to arm and disarm their security system at any time, from anywhere, in real-time. The app communicates with your CubeOne™ to show you who is at home, when family members left or returned, and the status of each sensor.

Users receive instant emergency notifications with phone calls, SMS message,* push notifications and emails when iSmartAlarm sensors detect unauthorized activity, and the user can immediately view the home’s status and safety in real time. You will receive a push notification if your system has been disconnected so you know if your power or internet connection is down (without internet and power, emergency notifications cannot be sent).  A push notification will be sent when your system has reconnected as well.  The system is easily expandable and all iSmartAlarm devices, sensors, and cameras can be added to the CubeOne™ for flexible and complete home security.


The motion sensor and contact sensors included in your package ensure that important areas of your home are monitored 24/7. Place the motion sensor about 6-1/2 feet from the floor for the best coverage. You can assign a custom label to the motion sensor so you can easily identify it in you app. The contact sensors are equally easy to install. Use the double-sided tape to place one side of the sensor on you door or window and the other side of the sensor on the door jamb or window frame. Like the motion sensor, assign names to each contact sensor to easily identify areas of your home that are now protected.

Remote Tags

Remote tags serve several purposes. They are primarily used to arm or disarm your iSmartAlarm system. Included on the tag is a panic button that engages the CubeOne to sound a 110 dB alarm deterring intruders from entering your home. Another great feature of the remote tag is that it serves as an identifier to members of your family or even your pets. Assign a remote tag to a member of your family, then log into your app to see who is at home, when they arrived or when they left. Keeping tabs on those you love has never been easier.

Cameras (Spot)

Spot’s Key Features:

  • Free Video Storage 
  • Free Cloud Recording – Up to 30 ten second clips (after that, they will automatically overwrite, first in first out)
  • Local Video Storage  – Up to 32 GB with MicroSD card (MicroSD card not included)
  • Live HD streaming feeds & Wi-Fi connectivity- 2-Way Audio – Have conversations with your pets while you’re away! 
  • Motion Detection – Receive push notification alerts when activity is detected and customize sensitivity settings associated
  • Instant access via iPhone or Android device
  • Custom Time Lapse 
  • Night Vision- Sound Recognition – Fire Safety Alerts (identifies and notifies you of carbon monoxide and smoke alarm sirens)- Works as a stand-alone Wi-Fi camera and with the iSmartAlarm Smart Home Security System’s CubeOne
  • Easy DIY installation
  • Flexible/adjustable legs on a magnetic base that allow for easy wall or shelf placement.
  • Voice-guided setup

Customize Your Security Solution

The iSmartAlarm Premium Package has enough sensors and remote tags to get you started, but what if you need more? Don’t worry, the system is expandable up to 80 units. That means you can add enough motion sensors, contact sensors, and remote tags to cover your home and loved ones. If you decide that you want to add the iCamera, no problem. You can integrate one camera into the preferred package.

Alarm system starter kit

Supplied and installed for a one off price of €175 including iva.

The kit includes:

  • Central control module, Cube one
  • Internal 110db siren, can be disabled for stealth mode
  • 1x door / window contact sensor
  • 1x PIR 90 degree motion sensor
  • 1x arm/disarm key fob with panic alarm
  • Comprehensive , simple to use control app
  • Free remote self-monitoring.
  • Ability to add extra modules like CCTV, smart plugs and extra sensors

Alarm System plus CCTV

Supplied and installed for a one off price of €225 including iva. The kit includes:
  • Central control module
  • Internal 110db siren, can be disabled for stealth mode
  • 1X high quality CCTV camera with Microphone
  • 1x door / window contact sensor
  • 1x PIR 90 degree motion sensor
  • 1x arm/disarm key fob with panic alarm
  • Comprehensive , simple to use control app
  • Free remote self-monitoring
  • Ability to add extra CCTV cameras, smart plugs and extra sensors

The control module is hard wired to your internet connection so cannot be jammed, an Android or Apple smartphone or tablet is required for the app and self-monitoring. A PC based version is planned for the future. The sensors require no cables or drilling of any holes and can be fitted anywhere. Cameras require a power source only, the hardware is manufactured by one of the USA’s leading companies in smart home technology called “ismartalarm”. Additional components and replacement parts are also available from Leroy Merlin and other electronic outlets.