Compusurf go

Compusurf Go

A temporary fixed line Internet connection from compusurf

Primarily designed as a solution for holiday makers and short stay visitors that have no Internet in the property they are staying in, without the normal installion fees or contracts of fixed line internet services. A fully refundable deposit is required, usage costs are based on our Hotspot service

we install the temporary internet connection using a portable antenna that does not require any permanent fixture to the property. There is one of install fee of 25 euros and then you just prepay for service using our popular Hotspot system. The service has also been used by people whos normal service is offline and they need urgent access, field events like fiestas, in fact as long as the location is within our service footprint we can provide a temporary connection for just about any purpose.

For more information and a quote, fill out the form below and we will get right back to you, if you are interested in going ahead a quick free site survey is required