Introducing Surf Burst

11 April 2014 at 12:25

Compusurf Surf Burst
Surf Burst is an intelligent network management  technology from Compusurf. Surf Burst  allows some types of internet traffic to run at a higher Bandwidth than other types.  Compusurf are once again leading the way by being  the first Internet provider in this area to offer this, Probably the first in Spain as we have never heard anybody else offering  such a thing.
How it works.
As I have explained in another article, wireless distribution of Internet limits the speed to a Max of around 4Mb/s  to sustain reliability, however this is only true for certain types of internet traffic, mainly streaming , torrents and downloading of large files. Core services like general surfing and email work in a different way and can run at a much higher speed. The reason for this is that this type of activity uses internet in very short bursts rather than a constant stream of data. With compusurf  Surf Burst, Surfing and emailing runs at up to 6MB and other services remain at the speed contracted for. The great news is we have decided  to give this to all our customers as a standard feature free of charge.  Now the interesting thing is the technology we have utilised for surf burst has been around for a while but used  in quite the opposite way.  It is not unheard of  in the WISP industry to, in our opinion, cheat its customers into believing they have a higher speed than they actually have, the service will deliver a burst of speed long enough to show in a speed test but then drop to a lower sustainable speed after a predetermined time. It can be argued this is just network management to ensure no abuse. We prefer to be honest about things and like one of our catchphrases, “Compusurf, does exactly what is says on the tin” We are so proud of the service we have named the technology  BDSL, Burstable Digital Subsciber Line  as apposed to ADSL or SDSL.