Basic Packages

Basic Packages

Free TV with all Internet packages

Our most popular package includes Internet, UK TV and a telephone line, a single monthly fee of €29.99+iva (€36.29). No data caps, no restrictions, no usage limits and no catches, over 140 FTA UK TV and Radio stations and a fixed line telephone service with 1000 mins of free calls to zone A every month. Whats more the service can be suspended when your away with a reduced fee of €5 per month +iva (€6.05)

One off installation fee 149+iva (180.30@21%)

Our Internet only plus TV package is unique in that you can suspend the monthly fee for any length off time at anytime, as many times as you want. No extra re-connection or disconnection charge you are billed monthly on a daily pro rata basis. just €19.99+iva (€24.19). When you are away and you have suspended your service there is no charge at all. 

One off installation fee 99+iva (119.79@21%)

Talk is for people who just want a phone line, it includes 1000 mins free to ZoneA every month and is packed with features like voicemail, call forwarding, voice mail to email, call waiting and much more, all totally free extras. This package can also be suspended but like the TRIO package there is an away fee of €5 +iva (€6.05) to keep your number alive. The normal  line rental when not suspended is €19.99+iva(€24.19). read about our telephone system here.

One off installation fee 139.99+iva (168.19@21%)

PAYG prepay services

We are the only ISP we know about offering fixed line internet and telephone lines on a prepay basis. Ideal for holiday homes, landlords or occasional users, prepay by the day, week or month. Our prepay telephone line comes in two flavours, one with a standard number and carries a €5+iva (€6.05)monthly fixed fee and the other with no number for only making outgoing calls, there are no monthly fees on this option and it includes our free TV service. Read more about our Prepay services service here

Installation fees as above

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